Network Engineer

Full Time



We are looking for a Network Engineer with significant experience with Mikrotik routers at the mid or higher level. Deep Cisco knowledge and experience is also acceptable as an alternative, but it would still take significant effort to get up to speed on Mikrotik quickly.


  • Maintaining and administering computer networks and related computing environments, including systems software, application software, hardware, and configurations.
  • Design and build network infrastructure
  • Performing disaster recovery operations and data backups.
  • Protecting data, software, and hardware by coordinating, planning, and implementing network security measures.
  • Troubleshooting, diagnosing, and resolving hardware, software, and other network and system issues.
  • Reporting faulty network hardware components.
  • Maintaining, configuring, and monitoring virus protection software and email applications.
  • Monitoring network performance to determine if changes are required.
  • Designing, configuring and testing networking software, computer hardware, and operating system software


  • Knowledgeable in VOIPs and Wireshark is an Advantage
  • Good knowledge of the TCP/IP Stack, IP addressing, DNS and DHCP technologies, knowing the best security practices, working with email and DNS security solutions, and O365.
  • Significant demonstrable knowledge of Mikrotik routers at the mid or higher level; configuring DHCP, QoS, SSTP/L2TP VPN, and basic MT scripting. Firewall configuration, failover and load balancing configuration, monitoring network with the DUDE and Zabbix. As an alternative, deep Cisco knowledge and experience is also acceptable, but still would require significant effort to get up to speed on Mikrotik quickly.
  • Working with Ubiquity devices; adding devices to the controller, configuring wireless networks, network segmentation
  • Working with 3CX, installing PBX’s, configuring SBC’s and SIP trunks, extensions, ring scenarios with IVR’s and ring groups. Installing VoIP monitoring sensors on the servers
  • Basic knowledge of Linux and Windows servers
  • Basic knowledge of the Yealink phones, Reolink and HikVision NVR’s is required.
  • Strong understanding of network infrastructure and network hardware.
  • Ability to think critically and visualize solutions to problems.
  • Ability to implement, administer, and troubleshoot network infrastructure devices, including wireless access points, firewall, routers, switches, controllers.
  • Knowledge of application transport and network infrastructure protocols.
  • Ability to create accurate network diagrams and documentation for design and planning network communication systems.
  • Provides specific detailed information for hardware and software selection.
  • Ability to quickly learn new or unfamiliar technology and products using documentation and internet resources.
  • Ability to work with all levels of staff within and outside of IT and outside the organization.
  • Good analytical and problem-solving skills.
  • Dependable and flexible.
  • Network security experience.
  • LAN and WAN experience.


  • 1 Fully Functioning Desktop or Laptop – 1 for backup.
  • Intel Core i5 or higher – 16 GB Ram or more multitasking.
  • Backup for Power Outage – Generator/UPS or Alternative Location.
  • Headset with Noise Canceling feature.


  • Internet Connection of 25mbps or more.
  • Backup internet service of 5mbps or more.

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